Things You Cannot Force

Thank you Ruela, for sharing this poem! It’s such a good reminder that the only person that we really have control over is ourselves & we should surrender that “right” to God.

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

Can't force people to consent. Not just sex, but for so many things, it just depends. If you need permission to proceed. Wait for it even if you bleed. I didn't always have this value. I should have started reading earlier, the book of Matthew. Can't force people to believe you. Maybe you have a past history of not being true. Maybe they cannot see past some negative emotions. Then don't expect an upgrade or promotion. Do your best. Let God take care of the rest. Can't force people to respect you. You can try, but you may still never earn it. Beyond a certain point, you just have to learn it. People automatically respect authority figures and someone whom they perceive, is either at their level or on a higher weave. Can't force people to forgive you. Maybe you paid the price twice and thrice. Maybe you even dedicated…

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