Escape from Economic Holocaust – A Spiritual Guide to Financial Freedom* [REVIEW]

One thing that I love about the blogosphere is being able to read and review preview copies of newly published or soon to be published books by my fellow bloggers. So when I saw My First eBook Is Launched (Give Away) by Chris Adedoyin (Varsity Experience) I was quick to request a copy of his first book.

It is so important to have the correct biblical view of money and how to appropriately steward the financial gifts that you have been given.

This work contains some good content but the excessive use of contractions, misspelled words and grammatical errors made it difficult to stay focused on the material. I also noticed some inaccurate “facts”.

I believe that this could be a good book, but I suggest employing a good proofreader/editor before distributing any more copies.

*Note: I received a preview copy of this eBook, directly from the author but I am not obligated to provide a positive review.


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