100 Pounds Gone!

Just a quick update on my “Journey to a Healthier Me”.

This past weekend I passed another milestone, and as of Tuesday I have officially lost 102 pounds since surgery (7/14/20). That’s just shy of 4 pounds per week.

Since my initial consultation with Dr. Cheregi in June, I have completely changed my eating habits, my sleep patterns & my excercise routine.

However, I have not done this alone. I have:

  • An amazing medical team – surgeon, PCP, & nutritionist
  • A supportive family
  • Encouraging friends
  • A variety of available support groups
  • A good health club
  • The supernatural support of the Holy Spirit!

Thank-you for your support!


  1. Congratulations on keeping on track with your goals and being consistent. This is a huge accomplishment. Not quitting and allowing your team to help, along with major change. A job well done!

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