Experience – #Write28Days – Day 18

You have heard it said that experience is the best teacher. When you think about it, all learning comes from some type of experience.

Practicing spelling words or times-tables is an experience.

Falling off your bike & skinning your knee is an experience.

Stirring the batter and flipping pancakes is an experience.

Going through the heartache of losing your first love is an experience.

Becoming a mom or dad is an experience.

The death of a parent to a horrible disease is an experience.

Publishing your first blog is an experience.

Losing your job is an experience.

Thinking about how each of these has changed your life is an experience.

Inviting Jesus into your life, is the BEST experience!

#Write28Days #InspireMeMonday


  1. Your post today reminds me of a favorite quote by the actor, Jack Lemmon: “We don’t live and die on one success or failure.” The key to experiences
    is to keep having them. Whether good or bad, get back on the horse. Thanks, Barb! You got me thinking 🤔 Blessings.


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