Four Somethings* – February 2021


Fat Tuesday was also my husbands birthday so we invited some friends over to feast on pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs & fresh fruit for dinner. It was a fun way to celebrate the beginning of Lent and my beloved spouse.


I absolutely loved being able to review NIV Beautiful Word Bible Journal, Gospel of Mark. I look forward to utilizing more books in this series.


I have had some amazing spiritual conversations with my small group.


I am looking ahead to a graduation, a wedding, a couple of new jobs in the coming months.


What is Share Four Somethings? It is a monthly link-up where you literally share four somethings. The first is Something Loved. What did you love this month? Was it a good cup of coffee, a recipe, or maybe because it’s February, a pair of sweatpants? Let us know!

The second category is Something Read or Said. You get to choose. Was it a book (or five), a free 40-day e-book, or perhaps a podcast you listened to? Please share!

The third category, and maybe my favorite, is Something Treasured. What happened in the past month that you are holding close and treasuring?

The last category is Something Ahead. This is where you share what is on the horizon. What do you have coming up, and is there any way we can support you, encourage you or pray for you? So please join us in sharing Something Loved, Something Read (or Said), Something Treasured, and Something Ahead.

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  1. We always had a pancake dinner on Fat Tuesday at my church to support the youth group! Sounds like you have some fun things ahead! Thanks for linking up!

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