NIV, Verse Mapping Bibles & Journal by Kristy Cambron [REVIEW}

I was recently invited by Bible Gateway to review NIV, Verse Mapping Bible for Girls, Verse Mapping Bible Study Journal, & NIV, Verse Mapping Bible. I once again enlisted the help of Rose & her mom Rebecca.



“I had never heard of verse mapping before, but the thought of it intrigued me. I was excited to give the Verse Mapping Bible and the Verse Mapping Bible Study Journal a try!

Honestly, at first I found it a bit daunting. Especially being a mother with two young children at home, currently homeschooling, and wearing a lot of hats. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to devote the time necessary to get anything out of it. But I’m learning to devote what time I have, some days is definitely more than others. And I’ve chosen to let the Holy Spirit guide me as I try to learn the different translations, frameworks, and historical significance of certain passages in the Bible.

I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants to delve deeper into the Word of God.

As a mother of two young children, I’m always looking for new and inventive ways to make the word of God more interesting, appealing, and easy to apply and understand.

The Verse Mapping Bible For Girls is a great way to do that! Although I feel like it’s a bit old for my nine year old daughter, she finds it interesting to discover different translations, meanings and actions with outcomes for certain verses in the Bible. She also likes the introduction at the beginning of each new book of the Bible. Although I sit and help her through most of it, I think this is definitely a great tool in this version of the Bible that she will be able to grow into for sure!”


I think it’s neat to read a verse, and then read different versions of that same verse. It’s also helpful to have the meanings of certain words there for you to help you! It’s also interesting to think about what’s happening in each verse, to who, and what God is trying to tell us in each part.
I also like that at the beginning of each new book of the Bible it tells us what the book we’re going to be reading is all about. And I also like the areas on each page to take notes!


I want to express my deep appreciation for both Rebecca & Rose for reviewing these books on my behalf.

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