Have You Been Hurt by the Church?

If you have been in “the church” for any period of time, chances are you have experienced some kind of hurt. I pains me to make that statement, but it is true. We must remember that the church is not God. The church is full of imperfect people which can lead to all kinds of drama.

Today I want to share a podcast from Shanda Fulbright entitled Hurt by the Church with Lettie Morroquin

“Shanda and Lettie talk about healing after being hurt by church leaders and the path to forgiveness. Lettie discusses why she stayed in the church after a traumatic experience and what God taught her about grace, imperfect leadership and how to take Jesus to those who feel like Christians are hypocrites.”

CLICK HERE to listen and be encouraged.

#ShandaFulbright #HerFaithInspires

One comment

  1. Wow, Barb, thanks for sharing.
    The title of this post caught my eye.

    So many of us have suffered hurt by the church. If is so much more common than we realize.

    However, as we recover from this hurt, we become more discerning, and we learn to place our trust in the main shepherd, Jesus Christ, our great High Priest. 🤗

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