Around the Clock Mom – Making the Most of Your God-Given Time by Sarah K. Butterfield [REVIEW]


Get time back on your side!

Are you a busy mom with too many demands on your time? Do you feel overwhelmed, distracted, stressed out, and pulled in too many directions at once? Sarah K. Butterfield knows what it’s like to wonder whether you’ll ever have time to yourself again, and to live in the tension between the lure of productivity and the promise of rest. With gentle wisdom and realistic strategies, Sarah shows you how to be wise with the time God has given you.

In this inspiring and practical guide, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Cast a vision for how you want to spend your time.
  • Model your perspective on the life of Jesus.
  • Use effective strategies for motivation and productivity in your home.
  • Set healthy boundaries around your time.
  • Deal with interruptions.
  • Prioritize and organize your schedule.
  • Be mindful and present in the time you spend with others.
  • Enjoy your time like the God-given gift it’s meant to be.

Be confident that you are making smart decisions with your time throughout your journey of motherhood. Crawl into bed at night, knowing that you found enough time for what was important. If you’re ready to start making the most of your God-given time, “Around the Clock Mom” is the guide you need!


This book may have been written for moms but I dare say that it has applications for anyone who is a caregiver.

May you find wisdom to guide your efforts within it’s pages.


  1. This sounds like a timeless book. Perhaps moms, in particular, need help with knowing how to make the most of the time God gives them each day. You know how it is . . . so many demands that pull us in many directions. It’s a discipline to be present in each moment and to know what to say yes to and what to decline. Thanks for sharing about this!

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