The Unwelcome Stranger* by Valerie Cullers [REVIEW]

I have never read anything set in the 4th century so I did not know what to expect when the author & fellow blogger, Valerie Cullers, asked me to review her work.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story of a young widow and how Christianity was perceived at this time in history.  This book ends with a cliffhanger that I hope will be answered in the second book, The Road to Ravenna.

*I received this book free from the author but am under no obligation to provide a favorable review.

Disclosure: I am now an Amazon affiliate. You are by no means required to use my link, but if you choose to, know that you are support my blog work at no additional cost to you.

The Unwelcome Stranger

The Road to Ravenna

All books by Valerie Cullers


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