The Real World

Do you live in the world or of the world?

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

Some people live a life so protected. They never see real pain or feel dejected. They never see the real world. And live in a bubble swirled. But the real world exists. It's got lots of dead ends and twists. Things aren't that straightforward. The ones trapped there are always cornered. It's so easy to talk about rights and liberties. When you haven't faced all those atrocities. 'This is the way things must be.' So easy to say when you're almost carefree. The real world lies in Satan's underbelly. Easy to tread if you have no shame or modesty. The things you must do to get ahead. Or just to earn some meagre bread. Whatever happened to righteousness? All evaporated in vain callousness. The more I open my eyes. A little more I despise. There are some things that can be compromised. And to some, I will never be able…

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