Under Pressure

It was the summer of 1989 and I had only been in my current job for a few months when the word came down that the company was centralizing operations for our region. What it meant for me was a choice between looking for work again or making the move from Cincinnati to Chicago.

There were pros and cons on both sides of the argument and I just couldn’t make up my mind what my best option was.


I began having horrible headaches that required the use of experimental medications. Every TV show or movie that I watched was either set in Chicago or referenced Chicago in some way. I was given FREE tickets to a Reds game and guess who they were playing…you guessed it…the Chicago Cubs! I even made a trip to the area to look at apartments, but I still couldn’t make up my mind.

The headaches and my confusion continued to get worse over the next few weeks until one day I hear the Holy Spirit whisper to me. “For I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiahs 29:11 NIV).

I opened my eyes and said, “Okay Lord, I will trust You and make the move to Chicago!”. Immediately the pain and pressure in my head disappeared.

When I made the move to Chicago, I gave myself six months to adapt or go back home. That was 32 years ago and I am still happily living in Chicago.

You see, God had a plan that required me to lean on (abide in) Him. It was at this same job where I met the man who has been my husband for over 26 years.

Saying yes to God can be downright paralyzing until you also turn over the reins!

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  1. I just love stories like this, it shows how amazing our Father in heaven is, and how perfect His plans are for us! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Agreed. There’s nothing like a personal account of someone saying “yes” to God.
    What can people say: it didn’t happen? Turning over the reins means the Lord gets ALL the credit and the glory.

    Thank you for telling your story, Barb. I enjoyed reading it!

    Prayers and love.

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  3. How wonderful that your headaches went away as soon as you turned over the reins! We all can relate to this to some degree. Too often my trying to stay in control creates far more problems than it ever solves.

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  4. Isn’t that the truth? Someone once said it’s not surrendering to God that’s so hard, it’s the struggling against it. I have a hard time coming to decisions like that, too, especially when one doesn’t really stand out as the obvious choice. But God eventually impresses us one way or another.

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