I Was a Guest Speaker

A couple of weeks ago I got the following email:

“…We are so excited at the amazing progress you have made, and we were wondering if you would be willing to be a guest speaker for us at Dr. Cheregi’s Facebook Live Info Seminar on April 10th at 9:30 AM? 😊…”

Immediately I responded in the affirmative and added it to my calendar.

If you are on Facebook you can watch the entire info session HERE. My part starts at about 35 minutes.

My Highest Weight 380
February 2020 – 219 lbs (Total loss 160 lbs 121 since surgery in July 2020)

Just having bariatric surgery will not make you lose weight. This is a decision to radically change your life. You must commit to give up smoking and carbonated beverages. You will need to make permanent changes to the types and amount of food that you eat. Excercise and a good support system are also important.

Please feel free to share this post or THE LINK with those in your life who are considering a bariatric option. I pray that my story can help others start their own journey to better health.

To read more about Team Cheregi – Hegreberg click HERE

Journey to a Healthier Me


  1. WOW, well done on the journey and it good to hear your story and I learned something new about bariatric surgery. Pray that it reaches the right people and they are inspired to eat right and follow the program.

    Have you gone shopping now? Mrs Excel Lady 🙂

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