6 Word Poetry #16

I will share new six-word-poems with you each Monday AND if you leave one in the comments, I will share it the following week & tag your blog. Enjoy this week’s offerings.


PHO – Best soup I ever ate!

Time with girl friends is priceless

So many wonderful things coming up

So much wisdom in only 6 words. – Meditations in Motion

Simple Poetry – Weekly Challenge – Deep Meaning*

“God takes care of His own.” – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Even when we don’t deserve it!*

But for the grace go I – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

His grace covers all my sin*

“No speaking before my morning coffee.” – Shelbee on the Edge

I agree wholeheartedly, coffee is necessary  ☕*


*These are my 6-word responses to comments from the previous week.


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