31 Days of Prayer for My Pastor [REVIEW]


Prayer for your pastor can change your church, your pastor, and you!

Church members need care, counsel, wisdom, and direction. And people outside the church need the gospel. These demands create unique pressures for every pastor.

A pastor who says yes to all of the ministry needs often says no to a spouse and kids. When pastors have a personal crisis, many pastors may feel alone and have few people to turn to for true support. 31 Days of Prayer for Your Pastor provides a way for you to support your pastor through prayer.

God has chosen your pastor for a purpose. Support your spiritual leader through prayer with this prayer book and see the benefit in your own life.


In my opinion this volume doesn’t go deep enough into the topic. Suffice it to say that I felt the need to supplement it’s lessons with additional resources.

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NIV Study Bible

NRSV, Simple Faith Bible

Other Christian Resources

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