Sabri Nihari

Our May Authentic Ethnic Foodie Journey took Connie & I to Sabri Nihari. It is a “Family-friendly spot serving Pakistani fare, including halal meat dishes, in a contemporary space.

The only Pakistani food that I had ever eaten before this was tandoori chicken and a rice dish that I don’t remember the name of. But thanks the recommendation of my co-worker & friend Rasheeda, I have discovered some new flavors to enjoy!

Before ordering we were given a plate of onions, tomatoes & cucumbers with two sauces to snack on.


Vegetable Samosa – flaky golden pastry (made in house) stuffed with potatoes & mixed vegetables. served with two sauces.


Mix Grill Platter – two types of of beef & three types of chicken. We took most of this home.
Naan – this flat bread is so good!!



On the way home we stopped at Levinson’s Bakery for eclairs, turnovers & sweet rolls. We have to bring something back for those we left at home…right?!



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