Another NSV

Part of the journey after any type of bariatric surgery is celebrating the NSVs (non-scale victories).

As of today, I have lost 79 inches since July 2020.  I had not taken these measurements in a couple of months & was pleasantly surprised.

Any time we choose healthy habits over unhealthy ones it’s important to look at success from all angles.

Other NSVs that I have had are:

⚖ – reduction in medications

⚖ – fitting comfortably in a booth at a restaurant

⚖ – a loose seat belt on an airplane

⚖ – ability to walk, shop, take the stairs without pain, heart pounding or breathing heavy

If you or anyone you know is considering weight loss surgery, please feel free to Contact Me Here & I will do my best to resond to any questions or concerns that you may have.


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