NASB Adventure Bible [REVIEW]

For this review I once again called up my friend Rebecca for assistance. This time the reviewer was her young son AJ.


Rebecca –

We were really excited to get the chance to check out the new NASB Adventure Bible! My son loved the adorable cover and graphics right off the bat! They did a great job of making it fun and appealing to kids of all ages! And as a Mom, I love anything that draws my kids into wanting to read the Bible more, and gets them excited for it! We both love the durable cover, eye-friendly font size, and beautiful and informative graphic pages throughout! This is a GREAT beginners Bible, and would make a great gift too!

A.J. –

I like the colorful cover and the Australian scene on the front! I also like the “buried treasure” theme!
My favorite parts of this Bible are:

1) The “Do You Know” sections, where I can learn new and interesting facts!

2) The introduction page to each book of the Bible. It is fun and interesting to learn who wrote each book, why, and when!

3) The the map pages in the back! I love to see where Jesus lived!

I received this Bible free from Bible Gateway Blogger Grid & Faithway in exchange for an honest review.


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