My Hero – by Maria Redrow

The poem below is the eulogy that my sister, Maria, gave at our Grandfather’s funeral a few years ago. Every time I read it the memories keep flooding back, some of them even leak from my eyes and roll down my cheeks unencumbered. I pray that God has blessed each of you with at least one person in your life like my Grandpa Ted.



My hero can’t be found in books, or movies, or TV,

But could be found on Clear Creek farm, if you knew him you’d agree.

My hero was a gentle man, yet no man has ever been as strong.

He taught us how to feed the cattle, taught us right from wrong.

My hero didn’t see a need to rush through life so fast.

For him, fulfillment naturally; came watching the seasons pass

My hero enjoyed family, reading, dancing, and homemade pie.

Boots and overalls were much preferred to any suit and tie.

My hero always took the time to sit and play a game.

The games and cards always came out when a summer day brought rain.

My hero was the patriarch of a family that grows each day.

Yet he intimately knew us all and showed us all the way.

My hero through his actions, instructed, “love one another in life”.

His love was unmistakable to animals, friends, family, and his wife.

My hero wasn’t what you’d expect, a masked man in a costume.

But a gentle grandpa on a tractor, taken from us too soon. 

My hero led by example and taught us all about our God.

I bet as he entered the pearly gates he gave a smile, a wink, and a nod.

Life without my hero will never be the same.

Who was my hero, you ask? John Theodore Sampson, Grandpa, was his name.

I love you, Grandpa,


The Last Big Party at Clear Creek Farm


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