Abide – A Word Map

In One Word 2021 Linkup—May, we were challenged to create a word-map of our 2021 word of the year. I committed to Lisa that I would eventually craft a word map of ABIDE. Yes, I know I am a month late, but I finally did it!

ABIDE = 2021, gentleness, dwell, Might God, no worry, hospitality, Almighty, one word, awesome, freedom, discipline, footprints in the sand, faithfulness, remain, stay, continue, grace, God, Prince of Peace, healed, Jesus, patience, salvation, Holy Spirit, learn, hold me, strength in Him, learn, The Cross, reflection of Him, light and salt, Savior, help in time of need, taste & see, love, fasting, quiet time, prayer, scripture reading, approval, self-control, fruit of the Spirit, meek, blog, love, obedience, wonderful, S.N.A.C.K on Jesus, comfort, peace, joy, counselor, transformation, blessed, kindness, Everlasting Father, Full Armor of God, mercy, faith, strength, social media, no excuses, God, wonderful, mirror

What other words would you have included?

#OneWord2021 #Abide


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