Walking Buddy

Do two people walk together unless they have agreed to meet? – Amos 3:3 NASB

My step-father, Larry, is a quiet man with strong convictions. When he married my mom I was a preteen with a chip on my shoulder. He had two sons of his own but had never had a daughter. As you can imagine, we didn’t always get along. But I always knew that I was loved and cared for by him.

Larry has been an amazing caregiver for my mother; for that I am eternally grateful. I am so glad to be able to help out this week by cooking meals, doing laundry, running errand with/for Mom & preserving sweet corn.

I’m also enjoying morning walks with Larry at Miami Meadows Park. He usually makes three laps on the 1 ⅓ mile trail. While walking we’ve had some good talks. I look forward to a few more before I head home.

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