Taken at Birth: Stolen Babies, Hidden Lies, and My Journey to Finding Home by Jane Blasio [REVIEW]


From the 1940s through the 1960s, young pregnant women entered the front door of a clinic in a small North Georgia town. Sometimes their babies exited out the back, sold to northern couples who were desperate to hold a newborn in their arms. But these weren’t adoptions–they were transactions. And one unethical doctor was exploiting other people’s tragedies.

Jane Blasio was one of those babies. At six, she learned she was adopted. At fourteen, she first saw her birth certificate, which led her to begin piecing together details of her past. Jane undertook a decades-long personal investigation to not only discover her own origins but identify and reunite other victims of the Hicks Clinic human trafficking scheme. Along the way she became an expert in illicit adoptions, serving as an investigator and telling her story on every major news network.

Taken at Birth is the remarkable account of her tireless quest for truth, justice, and resolution. Perfect for book clubs, as well as those interested in inspirational stories of adoption, human trafficking, and true crime.


This book ripped my heart out at times & brought tears of joy at others. If my life had not been so busy I could have easily read it in one sitting.

In exchange for writing an honest review, I received two copies of this book from the publisher. To qualify to receive a free copy from me, comment on this post and tell my why you are interested in reading this book. The winner we be chosen on Monday August 9th.

TLC’s “Taken At Birth” shares untold stories of the “Hicks Babies,” more than 200 newborn babies illegally sold or given away from the back steps of a small-town Georgia clinic run by Dr. Thomas J. Hicks during the 1950s and 1960s. The three-night special airs Wednesday, October 9 through Friday, October 11 from 9PM-11PM (ET/PT)


  1. A brother-in-law was born in 1940 in Nebraska to an unwed mother. His twin was sold on the black market but since my brother-in-law had a cleft palate and club feet, he was not immediately sold. He was adopted by satanists and abused regularly. As an adult he met his identical twin. Trafficing of children is still happening today. This story interests me due to the family history.

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