Advice from A Fellow WLS Patient.

Things I have learned on my VSG [Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy] journey:*

1. Most of us will lose hair…a lot of it. There is nothing you can do to stop it, but vitamins and protein can help with new growth.

2. Rapid weight loss can cause gallstones (if you still have your gallbladder).

3. Loose skin happens and plastics are expensive. I would rather be healthy with saggy skin and weird scars than to live another day as morbidly obese.

4. Weight loss improves overall health and eliminates many aches and pains.

5. Unpopular opinion: VSG patients can take NSAIDS on a full stomach with an acid reducer.

6. Everyone’s body is different. We lose different and that’s OK.

7. Sometimes friends and family will not be happy for you. Don’t let their negativity effect how you feel about your accomplishment.

8. Protein is your friend.

9. Stalls happen. It is totally normal. Most surgeries cause water weight gain. Success can be measured in many ways.

10. WLS is a tool, NOT a cure. It only works if you do your part.

11. An NSV [Non-Sleeve Victory] can make your whole day!

*Borrowed in part from Bariatric Surgery & Gastric Sleeve Support Group

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