The Beach Mansion: The Ebb and Flow of Love by Jessie Kelley [REVIEW]


“The sudden reveal during a will reading shocks everyone. Uncle Jeffords had a son named Albert – a son no one knew about…”

Sara grew up without a father, but she never really felt his absence. Mostly because of Uncle Jeffords and how he had taken her in and almost adopted her as his niece. He loved, cherished, and supported her in all goals and dreams. His death shocked everyone, but Sara was the one it really broke. His death left a void in her heart that she felt would never be filled.

When the entire family got together to console each other, things took a shocking turn. As it is suddenly revealed that Uncle Jeffords had a son named Albert all along – A son no one knew about – Sara is instantly torn. How could the man she idolized and loved have such a huge secret? Has he been living a double life she never knew about? There are so many unanswered questions plaguing her, but there is one thing she knows – She dislikes Albert with all heart, and nothing will ever change her mind. But it seems fate has other plans.

The discovery of the ancient family heirloom sends them on a hunt to discover the family’s past.

Jessie loves to write feelgood women´s fiction with a twist.


I enjoyed this short story/novella more than Kelley’s “The Sister’s Reunion” series. The author definitely left room to expand the Storyline.

BUT it is painfully obvious that this author self-publishes. There are many grammatical & spelling errors that would have been caught by a professional editor.


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