Treasures of Darkness Box Set: A Christian Based Family Survival Series by Christina Kirsch [REVIEW]


This is the story of the O’Neill family from Lawrence, Kansas. Jim, a 45 year- old man with two children; Jay, 13 and Adrianna 11.

The kids are out of school for summer vacation. They are setting out by car to find the ancestral home of Jim’s grandfather, who lived in Sterling, Illinois. A diary which was found in Jim’s grandfather’s house in Lawrence, revealed that there was a treasure to be found on the property of the Sterling homestead. The treasure can be found by solving riddles and clues.

Jim’s wife died in a terrible car crash a year and a half ago. One month before the accident, Jim received a warning, which he ignored. After the family sets out on their journey, they are beset with other warnings and harassments. A gang of bikers troubles them at a diner in the small town of Quincy. One of the bikers pulls out a knife, but the police arrive in time to prevent any trouble.

The bikers threaten the family once again, and Jim says that he will no longer pursue the treasure and promises to leave. Adrianna confesses to the leader that she had one more clue but has lost it. The bikers say they will retrieve the information from the girl. Jim tries to resist and save his family but is outsmarted by the gang.


This series is a quick, fun & exciting read. No bad language or inappropriate material. It could be a good read aloud for families with older children.

To get your copie(s) click the following links: Box SetBook 1Book 2Book 3

I received this series free from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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