Women at War – Declaring a Cease-Fire on Toxic Female Relationships by Jan Greenwood


Many women have been deeply wounded by relationships with a friend, sister, or female coworker that have turned competitive, slanderous, or even vengeful. From a young age many girls experience the rejection, hurt, and mistrust that occurs when women war against one another.

Women at War will revolutionize the value women place on their own gender and the way they treat one another. Through Jan Greenwood’s insightful teaching you will be inspired by important topics such as:

  • Effective ways to experience healing in female relationships
  • Tips and tools to turn difficult relationships into powerful ones
  • How to embrace the gift of being a woman


This is not the first relationship book that I have read but it is definitely one of the best. The frank and honest approach of the author allows me to learn from her experiences. My prayer is that there will never again be a toxic female relationship in my life. Additionally, I am confident that I have the tools I need in order to be a better friend in ALL of my relationships!

I also want to thank my friend Tosha Morell who took this journey with me.


  1. I must seek out this book.
    This is an issue that concerns all of us.

    God is pleased, and we are happier, when we carefully nurture and maintain our relationships.

    Thanks, Barb. 🌼🤗

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