The Vicious Cycle

Have you ever noticed that the closer you draw to Christ, the more often you experience attacks from the Evil One?

The truth in this has become abundantly apparent since choosing ABIDE as my one-word for 2021. While my daily time with the Lord has increased from 10 – 15 minutes to 60 – 90 minutes, I have also experienced many days where I am aggravated, stressed out & confused.

Satan has attacked my health, my relationships & my finances in an attempt to make me doubt the sovereignty of God.

Instead, I have determined to continue to draw near to my Heavenly Father each morning and to stay connected throughout the day.

I choose FAITH

I choose HOPE

I choose JOY

I choose PEACE

I choose to ABIDE



  1. God is love. As we enter into His presence, He abides with us fully. Wishing you the blessings of peace that only God can give, and no one can steal from us. God is faithful, no matter what, and His promises are true. You have made excellent choices!!!

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  2. Barb, your words remind me that we have choices to make, that God beckons us to something deeper in relationship with Him., most especially in the hard times.

    I have experienced that as well.

    We are not alone …

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  3. I draw comfort from that passage toward the end of the “great commission” where Jesus said, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20). Though the choosing is up to us, the power to fulfill those words you have named, is from His Holy Spirit whom He has sent.

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