Love Notes – September 2021

I love sending & recieving handwritten cards and letters via snail mail. When I see one of my notes hanging on the fridge or otherwise displayed in someone’s home, my heart smiles.

Besides the monthly Love Notes Fairy nominees I try to send other notes throughout the month.

Do you often send handwritten notes? Why or why not?

When is the last time you sent or received snail mail (other than bills, magazines or junk mail)?

When you receive a handwritten note, do you read it once and throw it away OR do you tuck it away to read over & over.


  1. I too love sending and receiving notes via snail mail. I still have a sealing wax kit to make it more special. I also have a “Blessings” folder, so whenever I receive a note or card from someone, I stick it in this folder. Then if I am having a tough day, I can pull them out, re-read them, and encourage myself.

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