What a Day!

This past weekend Connie and I had another outstanding adventure.

We started the day with breakfast at an old favorite, Millie’s Pancake Shoppe.

Then we ventured into Chicago to Red Square Spa

“[It is] a traditional Russian-style bathhouse at 1914 W. Division Street in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, which has operated since 1906. The recent change in ownership in 2011 and complete renovation of the facility now provides for all original services and more. Careful modernization of the facility was taken with understanding of all traditional values and current spa amenities. We also added a full bar, restaurant, tanning, scrub and other salon services. [It] is the oldest and only traditional bathhouse remaining in Chicago, and one of only a handful in the United States”

The dry sauna has a wood-fired oven and it smelled wonderful but at 194⁰, I wasn’t able to  hang out there very long. The jacuzzi was the perfect temperature and good for my weary bones.

While sitting in the jacuzzi, we had a wonderful chat with a couple of Jamaican ladies who enjoy the same type of adventures that we do.  I think we all have some new things to try in the coming months.

A set of stairs leads from each locker room to the restaurant upstairs. We sat in our robes with our hair tied up while enjoying a luxurious meal.  I know it sounds a little odd but when there are others dressed the same way, it is not at all uncomfortable.

When we finally made it back to my house, Michael had chili simmering in the crockpot. He used bison and pork sausage with fire roasted tomatoes, bell peppers and a myriad of herbs and spices. 


BONUS – There are always plenty of leftovers. So, even though Michael doesn’t go with us very often, he still gets to enjoy the food.


  1. What a lovely – and taste-filled adventure! My husband could care less about food – but I’m a firm believer that food enhances the experience! I would love a hot tub right now – even a sauna!

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