Repentance What it Means to Repent and Why We Must Do So by J. C. Ryle [REVIEW]

I first heard of this ebook from Alan Kearns who blogs at Devotional Treasures. His review was so compelling that I downloaded it and began reading right away.


Except you repent, you will all likewise perish. – Luke 13:5

It is indifference that leaves people alone and allows them to go their own way. It is love, tender love, that warns them and raises the cry of alarm. The cry of “Fire! Fire!” at midnight might sometimes rudely, harshly, and unpleasantly startle a person out of his sleep, but who would complain if that cry was the means of saving his life? The words Except you repent, you will all likewise perish might at first seem stern and severe, but they are words of love, and they could be the means of delivering precious souls from hell.

1.The nature of repentance: What is it?
2.The necessity of repentance: Why is repentance needful?
3.The encouragements to repentance: What is there to lead people to repent?


With the lear & oncise writing this is a great read on sin & repentance as well as the dangers of ignoring the condition of your heart.

CLICK HERE for a FREE copy.


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