Trustworthy: A Study of the Life and Character of Daniel by Kay Burnett [REVIEW]


As a woman striving to live a godly life, do you find today’s culture anything but encouraging? Do you ever wonder if there’s hope for those of us who want to seek and share the freedom that God’s peace offers?

In Trustworthy: A study of the life and character of Daniel, you’ll discover how to face the challenges of the world and be encouraged to take up God’s regal call on your life to walk in holiness and integrity. As someone who walks the same path you do, author Kay Burnett comes alongside you, sharing how lessons from Daniel’s life connect to the struggles you face daily.

Daniel didn’t cave in to despair and defeat at the hands of an ungodly culture, and you don’t have to, either. Embark on this study and answer God’s call to be faithful and trustworthy, showing other believers the peace Jesus grants in the face of a uncertain world. Coordinating teaching videos available at TRUSTWORTHYBOOK.COM


This is a great small group study. It includes free videos and probing questions for personal reflection and group discussion.

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