A Variety of Views on Daniel

Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that prophecy is not my strong suit. But apparently God wants me to get a grip on the book of Daniel because it has been in my face for a while now.

I have listed some of these resources below. As I read, listened to or watched each one, I realized that each writer offered a slightly different view on the life and prophetic words of Daniel. I was surprised at how many of them skipped or glossed over the prophetic sections of the book.  However, others dug deep and tied the prophecies to their fulfillment in the New Testament.

Books etc.

Shaped By Scripture Small Group Series –
Daniel – The God We Serve

Trustworthy: A Study of the Life and Character of Daniel by Kay Burnett

Trust & Obedience – Gracefully Truthful (Blog)

YouVersion – Reading Plans

Daniel Explained Part 1 | Kings and Kingdoms

Daniel Explained Part 2 | Telling History In Advance

Daniel and the Ministry of 10X Excellence

Daniel: Revealer of Mysteries • Devotional

Bible Explorer for the Young (Daniel)

The Daniel Dilemma

Book of Daniel

The Daniel Difference

Daniel: 7 Lessons From Babylon

BibleProject | Living in Exile

3-Day Commentary Challenge – Daniel 6

Trustworthy: Learning courage from the life of Daniel

Fast Like Daniel (10-Day)

Fast Like Daniel

Tough As Nails: Daniel


Overview of the Book of Daniel – Bible Project

The Bible Explained: Daniel

The Prophets

Book of Daniel Bible Study |Daniel/Revelation for Beginners 1 – Setting the Stage

Book of Daniel Bible Study |Daniel/Revelation for Beginners 2 – Daniel in Babylon

Book of Daniel Bible Study |Daniel/Revelation for Beginners 3 – Four Episodes in Daniel’s Life

Book of Daniel Bible Study |Daniel/Revelation for Beginners 4 – Four Visions of Daniel’s Prophecy

Book of Daniel Bible Study |Daniel/Revelation for Beginners 5 – Vision Within a Vision

One Hour. One Book : Daniel

Son of Man


Where’s God When I’m S-scared?

 Rack, Shack & Benny

It is not so much about interpreting certain passages. It is more of a fundamentally different understanding of the nature of God. – Cynthia Grieb – Compassionate & Gracious

I believe that that Bible is the inspired Word of God and as such EVERY word is true. 

What about you? Does it help or hinder your understanding to read a variety of viewpoints on a topic?

For you can all prophesy one by one, so that all may learn and all may be exhorted;and the spirits of prophets are subject to prophets;for God is not a God of confusion, but of peace. As in all the churches of the saints, – 1 Corinthians 14:31-33 NASB


  1. The book of Daniel was the first book God directed me to read & study after I accepted Him as Lord & Saviour.
    At the time I was living overseas & was blessed to be living across the road from a MK school.
    They had just started a Bible study on Revelations for the staff which of course brought in Daniel.
    It has been awhile since then & over the decades I’ve added Bible College qualifications & much study to that first one but have never forgotten that wonderful first discovery of end times prophecy.
    Bless you,

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