Random Acts of CHRISTMAS Kindness

On Sunday (11/28/21) I told you about 🎄 A Christmas Challenge🎄 . Read on to see how the group blessed others over the first fourteen days of December.

“… made sure a busy mom got breakfast”

“…sent a note of encouragement to a loved one in jail”

” … gave a senior lady my shopping cart.”

“… fixed a care package for someone going in the hospital for a few days..”

“…made an extra pan of brownies to share.”

“…helped a friend with her errands”

“…spent my Saturday cleaning someone else’s place”

“…wrapped and shipped gifts on behalf of someone else.”

“…participated in Angel Tree (a Ministry of Prison Fellowship)”

“…did laundry and dishes for someone else”

“…got treats for someone else’s pet”

“…donated funds to ease the financial burden of bi-vocational pastors”

“…made breakfast for my husband before heading out for a girl’s day.”

“… #lovenotesfairy”

“…took extra gifts to a party “just in case” someone forgot to bring one.”

Our lovely hostess – Tosha Morell

What can you do to show kindness today?


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