Bloganuary – Day 2

Each day of January participants are emailed a thought provoking question that can be turned into a blog post.

What is “That Road Trip” for you?

I used to dread road trips because I got antsy after about 5 hours in the car. But over the last couple of years God has increased my patience level and taught me to “enjoy the ride”. Recently I have been thinking about “getting my kicks on Route 66”.

Have you done this trip? What are some must-sees along the way?

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  1. Route 66 traverses my home state of New Mexico, close to the new I40. The lead picture of this website is typical of the open spaces between juniper dotted Rocky Mountain foothills of the northern half of the state: I grew up about 75 miles straight south of Tucumcari, which is mentioned in the article. The photos of abandoned buildings is also typical except in the larger towns/cities. The transfer of traffic to the 4-lane left these small wayside establishments off of the speedier path and their life simply drained away with the prosperity of their owners, which was terminated by the planners. That’s progress, as they say. If you make the trip (it is worthwhile), consider the stories of unintended consequences that haunt those places of the past.

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  2. My trips to school and from are always dramatic, one time I missed my stop and later regretfully waited for hours for my uncle to pick me up, when I couldn’t wait anymore I went to school only to find out he had been waiting from there, i was so exhausted and said mean stuff to our school secretary 🙃

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