The Art of a Messy House – Children’s Book Series by Jennifer Kosuda [REVIEW]


How to Be Kind (The Art of a Messy House #1)

People are not always nice. Timothy, our hero, discovers this when a kid in his class keeps getting cut in line. But by standing together Timothy and his friends are able to use kindness to “win”.

How to Be Fearless (The Art of a Messy House #2)

When Madison starts school, she’s a little nervous. But she quickly learns the value of being a friend. Reaching out to others can make you stronger.

How to Be Brave (The Art of a Messy House #3)

Good allergies can be daunting for a family to navigate. But trusting the doctor and each other can make things easier.


I first discovered these books via the author’s blog The Art of a Messy House.

These stories are a fun & educational. The rhyme scheme will be attractive for the kiddos.  However, I think some of the words are a little above the vocabulary of younger children.

I do like that the books include a few pages at the end to be used for further discussion and a family devotional.

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