Bloganuary – Day 29

Each day of January participants are emailed a thought provoking question that can be turned into a blog post.

How are You Changing the World?


My husband and I raised two tremendous children. Our goal was always to empower them to become whatever & whoever they were born to be. It is clear to anyone that knows either of them that they are doing precisely what God had planned for them to do.

Currently, I seek to offer encouragement to anyone that God puts in my path. Be it a kind word, a handwritten note, a hug, or a small gift.

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  1. I’m expanding my hand written note ministry, even though I don’t like the sight of my own handwriting.😑 There’s something about the relative permanence of an actual card you can hold in your hand. So many texts and digital photos are gone from memory within a short time. I say the fancier the stationary the better!

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