Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I have been struggling this week with prioritizing the various things on my ever-growing to-do list.

I have even toyed with the idea of LEAVING the blogiverse for a time. But then I remembered my commitments:

  • #Write28Days
  • Launch Team book reviews
  • 6-Word Poetry (I missed this week)
  • #FiveMinuteFriday
  • #Grace&Truth
  • #TellHisStory
  • #InspireMeMonday


For now.

I will leave the idea of leaving where it is and keep on writing.

#Write28Days #Write28Days2022 # W28D #Leave #FMF #FiveMinuteFriday #IMM #Grace&Truth #InspireMeMonday


  1. “When you feel like giving up, remind yourself of the reason you do what you do”. And you have also built a blogging structure. That’s what I learnt from this post. I pray God continually strengths you ❤️

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  2. This is a reoccurring question for me also. Every time I contemplate leaving, God sends encouragement that keeps me going. When it’s time to leave the blog, I trust He will let me know as clearly as He encourages me to keep going.

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  3. I left my writing for a while. But now I am back doing the 28 day challenge (and some of these words have been quite a challenge) and writing for 5 minute Friday. I have so many things to do every day and I just cannot get it all done. Like you, I need to prioritize. But my writing is a priority for me even if the only thing I write is a simple blog.

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  4. Barb, Having a “why” for the things we do or commit to doing helps us incorporate intentionality in our choices and keeps us going when we hit those rough spots!

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  5. And my reply is, “Thank you God for letting this sister keep writing!” I know what you mean though, with it being tax season, I am not doing as much reading on WP, or writing as much, but some days Holy Spirit just tells me “You need to post this NOW!” So I do. I’m so glad I will still be reading what you are putting out there!

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  6. I’ve been your encourager here and will continue to do so. I would only add from personal experience that sometimes that sense of uneasiness is God speaking to our heart about changing gears. Blessings in all you do for Him Barb!

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  7. I really truly want to leave,
    sometimes, this writing gig,
    because I have come to believe
    that it’s all too big,
    to try to make a kind of sense
    from these days of trial;
    it all seems just like pretense
    to raise my head and smile,
    but then the answer comes to me,
    not loud, but calm and still,
    that all that I have to be
    is what will shine God’s will,
    and I don’t need to seek perfection,
    but let my heart be God’s reflection.

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  8. There are things I want to leave but I have a commitment I need to fulfill. I need to remember why I am doing those things in the first place. Maybe an evaluation and a cutting back, instead of fully leaving might be more helpful? Thanks for sharing.

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  9. I can understand what your saying Barbara, I have recently had to cut back on some things so that I could make best use of my time. I found that the quality of my work was falling and something had to change. It is a work in progress at present with me. I pray that you find time to rest and regain some strength Barbara, may God guide and bless you richly sister,

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  10. Consider your why. Pray about it. I recently cut back on blogging so I would have more time for other creative endeavors. Sometimes it’s not an all or nothing answer 😊. You have important words to say, and your Father knows best how you can say them.

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