Gospel of Mark: Word for Word Bible Comic: NIV by Simon Amadeus Pillario [REVIEW]


Mark’s Gospel is one of the most influential pieces of literature in Christianity, religion and history of all time! This graphic novel presents every word, chapter and verse, within its historical, cultural and geographical context. The unabridged story is illustrated in a bold contemporary style but remains as faithful to the Christian scripture as possible. The comic seeks to paint a balanced biblical picture of Jesus. By including his every word, action and interaction, whether loving or wrathful, long-suffering or harsh, servant or king, we get a more accurate depiction of the person of Christ and his mission as Messiah. Featuring the best selling modern Bible translation the NIV with verse numbers at the bottom of each page.

All books in this series are:

“Historically accurate, unabridged and untamed graphic novel of the Bible with a high view of scripture.”

 A word-for-word comic presentation of the Bible, using a bold contemporary style and historical accuracy to bring out the impact and excitement within the Scriptures to a more mature audience (12+ or 15+ age advisory)  Watch the video and find more details below!

I have also read/reviewed Book of Jonah: Word for Word Bible Comic: NIV


I found this book through Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. For more about the series check out the blog, Word for Word Bible Comic.

Pillario does a stellar job at combining his illustrations with actual text from the NIV Gospel of Mark. He doesn’t shy away from some of the tougher topics such as the scourging and crucifixion of Christ. Therefore, it may not be appropriate for some readers under 12.

I received this book FREE from the author, publisher, distributor, or other source. My only obligation is to provide a fair and honest review.

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  1. How cool is this? We just had a big meeting in our town when a person asked for a “comic book” of a man having sex with a young boy to be moved out of the children’s section of the library. Everyone was up in arms about freedom of speech etc, and all she was saying it was not appropriate for young children. Now if we could get the comics you mentioned in the library, that would be great! I’ll bet the naysayers would get up in arms about that!

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