6 Word Poetry #60

I will share new six-word poems with you each Monday AND if you leave one in the comments, I will share it the following week & tag your blog. Enjoy this week’s offerings.


Tulips, Daffodils & Robins. It’s Spring! 🌷

Movie matinee with my love. Bliss! 🎦

Protein is vital to healthy eating. 🥩

Workouts make me feel so good.🏃‍♀️

God is love. I am grateful! – David’s Daily Dose

What would we do without Him?*

The REAL super power is God. – DDD

May His power reign in me!*

Teaches children; helps and encourages people. – DDD

Music permeates his life, such joy!*

Jesus’ Love so sweet and true – CAREBIBLESTUDY

Given freely to me and you.*

Thank You for these Blessed Years. – CBS

Full of laughter and of tears.*

I abide in your secret place. – CBS

My heart is hidden in You.*

Without you what would I do?? – CBS

I would be lost in sin.*

I keep your Word deep within. – CBS

It keeps me away from sin.*

You will never leave nor forsake – CBS

Those who trust in the Savior.*

Shall run and not be weary. – CBS

Heaven will be their eternal home.*

At Your feet before the throne. – CBS

With tears streaming down my cheeks.*

There’s Nobody like You, Oh Lord!! –CBS

None in Heaven or on Earth.*

Like David, I’m after Your Heart! – CBS

I long to hear your voice.*

By Faith, You are my choice. – CBS

Thank you for choosing me, Father.*

When my wretched sins were scarlet. – CBS

You washed them white as snow.*

Those who are lost, Jesus laments. – Missionary Sojourn

He rescues us from our enemies.*


*These are my 6-word responses to comments from the previous week.


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