6 Word Poetry #61

I will share new six-word poems with you each Monday AND if you leave one in the comments, I will share it the following week & tag your blog.

Enjoy this week’s offerings.


Plans went awry. Sigh. Heavy Sigh! 😔

What happened to the 71 degree days? 🌞🥶

Disappointing others truly breaks my heart. 💔

Coffee & friends, the perfect repast. ☕

I am weak. He is strong. –David’s Daily Dose

Together we can be unstoppable. YAY!*

What follows is a poem that I co-wrote with tamweary of , CareBibleStudy by alternating lines, 6 words at a time.

I love your six word poems😂

I do enjoy writing them weekly.

They were a treat all week.

With His stripes We are healed.

Blood red becomes white as snow

No longer ashamed, but washed anew

The joy in my heart overflows

Falls afresh like the morning dew.

Lovingly covering both me and you

You never waver, steadfast and true

What would I do without You?

I would be an empty vase

Longing to be filled with LIFE

Please flood me with abundant grace

I will share it with others

My neighbors, friends, sisters, and brothers.

One and all, Loved by Jesus

Our Righteous Savior Forever sees Us

Even when we’re unseen by others

He sticketh closer than a brother

And is always ready to help

Tried in vain to save myself

But I failed at every turn

My contrite heart, you’ll never spurn

Love and mercy cannot be earned

But freely given to us daily

Love, grace & mercy are plentiful

What a mighty God we serve. – THE SUN SHINETH AGAIN!

When we’re weak, HE is Strong 💪

(These poems are great.) So much said in six words. –BECOMING THE OIL AND THE WINE+

It’s a good exercise. Try it!*

He is here,
Healing our hearts. – Alan Kearns/Devotional Treasures

Along with body, mind & soul.*

Whole in Him, every day.

Guiding. Teaching. All the way

Lovely! So short and succinct! – Valerie Cullers

And yet, there’s so much truth.*

(Not 6-words per se but I liked it)

Love the six words:
Beautifully written, all the cords unfold.
A pattern emerges showing the heart of God

Thanks for sharing… Jesus laments… He rescues us from our enemies…love the trail! – COC-GETFIT

From a poet like you, that is high praise.


Well deserved and humbled by your praise 💐🤗


*These are my 6-word responses to comments from the previous week.


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