A Year with Oswald

From my original post, If You Only Own One Devotional, This Should Be the One! (July 23, 2018) to now, my respect for the work of Oswald Chambers has only increased.

I used to use My Utmost for His Highest as filler when I was between studies or when I didn’t have time to read long passages of scripture. But God has changed the way I read and study His word over the last few years. So, on April 6, 2021, I began in earnest to read the book in it’s entirety. I even read the devotional for February 29th.

I will be forever grateful to Pastor Neal Miller for introducing me to the writings of Oswald Chambers.
If you’re unfamiliar with this book here’s the SYNOPSIS:

The Best-Selling and Most Beloved Devotional Book of All Time!
You’ll find 365 thought-provoking meditations in this updated-language paperback edition of “the golden book of Oswald Chambers.” My Utmost for His Highest will encourage and move you to think more deeply about your relationship with the Lord.

Oswald Chambers was a teacher and preacher whose messages cut to the heart of the gospel. His wife, Biddy, transcribed his lectures and sermons and compiled them into books, the most popular being My Utmost for His Highest. The title is taken from a thought in one of his sermons: “Shut out every consideration and keep yourself before God for this one thing only—My Utmost for His Highest.”

Chambers was a man completely devoted to Christ, and his life and writings clearly portray that. This daily devotional has inspired countless people to drink deeply from the biblical truths that Chambers so passionately championed.

[He] was born in Scotland and spent much of his boyhood there. His ministry of teaching and preaching took him for a time to the United States and Japan. The last six years of his life were spent as principal of the Bible Training College in London and as a chaplain to the Allied troops in Egypt during World War I.

Quotes from the website:

“My Utmost for His Highest is one of a kind. It has been a source of challenge and blessing in my own life for years . . . I don’t think anyone can read it consistently without being a better servant of Christ.” – Ruth Bell Graham

“The insights that Oswald Chambers has sometimes just overwhelm me. There are days when I think, ‘Wow, did I need to read that! It’s just part of my life – I read it every day.” – Michael W. Smith

“My Utmost for His Highest is a devotional of fresh and vital insights, even after 75 years.” – Join Eareckson Tada


  1. There are many devotionals that one can read, but there is a small group of those that are considered to be the best in their field. The writings of Oswald Chambers are in this elite group without any doubt.

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  2. I love these quotes on Chambers and this is also my own favorite devotional book. Chambers challenges us as much as comforts and then consistently points me towards the Savior who truly is the only one who can help me to press on. Like the line from Amazing Grace, “Twas grace that caused my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved.”

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