More Encouragement by Charles Gross [REVIEW]


This book is a compilation of thirty-six podcasts from the Encouraging Words by Charlie Gross podcast on iTunes and Google Podcasts. These short episodes help you see how to find encouragement in almost every life situation. They are written from day to day images and events that capture my imagination. This book is written from a Christian perspective and draws much encouragement from scriptures as they intersect with real life. It is written more from a devotional aspect than from a ‘fast read’ novel. The episodes are designed to be savored, chewed on, and reflected upon. May you find encouragement in these stories and then find your own path forward in encouragement, no matter what.


The reading for each day is entitled “Encouraged by…”. Sometimes the “by” is a person or place, while other times, it is a particular Bible passage. Each podcast/devo takes less than 10 minutes to read/listen to.

Link to Podcast

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