April 2022 Love Notes etc.

For 2022 my word-of-the-year is ENCOURAGEMENT, therefore my participation in “Love Notes” is even more on my mind than in the past.

Here’s what happened in April

Birthday, Get Well (x2), You are Seen, Thank-you (x2)
A small gift from one of my fitness instructors
❤️ from my secret pal
Easter Basket from My Secret Pal
🐇 Happy Easter 🐣
A Special Easter Postcard We Received
When you encourage others, surprises can show up on your doorstep. Thank you TM.
Condolences / Grief Support
Appreciation – Nice to See You
Happy 42nd Anniversary
Happy Mail 💗

Love Notes Postcard Project (39)


Postcards I Sent
Week 1 Postcard from AJ – Artwork by Ukrainian Artist Julia Kuznetsova
Week 1 Postcard from BH – Western Giant Eland (South Africa)

WEEK 2 – Could you please…

Week 2 cards I sent
Week 2 Postcard from AJ – (Mating Geese – Qavava Manumie)
Bald Eagle (Chilkat River, Alaska) – The Endangered Species Postcard Collection, Week 2 postcard BH

WEEK 3The brightest light comes from…

Week 3 cards I sent
Humpback Whales 🐋 (Maui, Hawaii) The Sierra Club Endangered Species Series, Week 3 postcard BH


  1. How beautiful and encouraging. No matter how together we think we are—we all need encouragement from time to time. You are so blessed to be surrounded by such thoughtful and loving people. Have a great weekend. Blessings and Peace!


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