May 2022 Love Notes etc.

For 2022 my word-of-the-year is ENCOURAGEMENT, therefore my participation in “Love Notes” is even more on my mind than in the past.

I can honestly say that I have received more love and encouragement this month than I could ever have imagined. God continues to bless me each and every time that I reach out to others in a god-honoring manner.

Here’s what happened in May

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Cards “Sent”

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Cards Sent

Mother’s Day Cards & Gifts Received


Baby Girl 👶💟
Well Done!

Graduations & End of Year

Doctorate & High School Graduation
To my Wonderful Bus Attendant

Love Notes Fairies

Love Notes Postcards (from April)

Week 2 Card from LC/from Canada (Could you please…)
Week 3 Postcard from AJ (The brightest light comes from…)


  1. Sweet encouragement!! ❤️

    And a HUGE thank you to you for passing that thoughtfulness forward to me!! That card you sent me meant so much and brought a smile and tears of heartfelt love. I have it sitting on our coffee bar for an ongoing reminder!! Thank you Barb!


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