A Penny for Your Thoughts

When I read The Joy of Planting Pennies last week. I was so excited to try some of these “pennies” to encourage others.

  • Surprise pennies. Leave flowers, a treat, or a gift card for someone to find.
  • Secret pennies. Compose sticky notes with simple sayings, “You are Loved”, “Sending Joy” or “You are Appreciated”, include a verse if you like. Leave the notes in public places: grocery store shelves, a book you return to the library, the pages of a notebook for sale.
  • Shared pennies. Leave a favorite book in a coffee shop or other public place with a note inside sharing why you love the book and the hope they will too and then pass it on.
  • Spoken pennies. Speak words of kindness to strangers, neighbors or those who serve you. Be intentional, and make eye contact.
  • Service pennies. Double your tips when served. For those who serve you by caring for you, (but don’t receive tips!) like doctors, dentists, and optometrists, plan ahead and bring a treat.
  • Silly pennies. Share a smile or the gift of laughter.
  • Sacred pennies. Pen a note, email, card, or text with a specific prayer of blessing or encouragement for someone in need.

Have you ever done any of these? What was the response?

Are there “pennies” on this list that you are willing to hide this week?

I promise to keep you updated on the “pennies” that I hide too!


  1. This is a great thought, Barb. My wife often says to me, when I’m seeking to do something monumental: “Sweetheart, you don’t have to be a hero to be effective.”
    It’s often the little acts of kindness and thoughtfulness that matter most.

    Great post! God Bless.
    Are you enjoying your summer? I bet you miss those little guys already!

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  2. These pennies are priceless, Barb. I love all of them. Leaving a note in a book for someone is such a thoughtful suggestion. I will certainly try to give away some of these pennies.

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