Holly the Holstein Talks About Milk Cows by Mandy Dawson Farmer [REVIEW]


Meet Holly the Holstein and learn about the life of a milk cow on a family farm. In this interactive children’s book, Holly will talk about different breeds and how work gets done on the farm. How much milk does a cow produce each day? Holly knows. How much does a cow eat? Holly knows.

Meet Holly and the other cows and farm animals.

Pay attention as you read so you can answer Holly’s questions about the farm and the animals who live there.


When I found out that my friend & fellow blogger, Mandy Dawson Farmer, had just published a children’s book I knew that I had to get a copy.

I can see Holly the Holstein, being a fun read-aloud for a class who is getting ready for a field trip or a classroom study on farming.

I hope this is the first of many books in the series.


  1. When we first started our ranch, my husband bought 6 Holsteins to roam and graze the property. He gave them cute names like Burger Boy, Sir Loin, and Chuck Roast. (Those are the ones I remember.) We had a girl doing an internship with us and when we got back Chuck Roast from the meat processing plant, she was amazed when we were unloading the packages into the freezer, when one had “chuck roast” stamped on it. She wondered how they knew his name! (I then pulled out the meat chart for her, to enlighten her.) A different cow did not want to load in the trailer. He literally jumped from a standing position over a 4 foot high fence and took off running. This is how I’m sure the cow that jumped over the moon was a Holstein! That all being said, this looks like a fun book!

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