Such a Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Chicago. It doesn’t get much better than 82⁰ and sunny (with low humidity). We had to stop at some of our favorite places to bring treats home.

We had a “hot-bag” and a cooler to keep everything at the optimal temperature.

STOP #1 – Chinatown

STOP #2 – Featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives

STOP #3 “Maxwell Street”

STOP #4 – Family Heritage

STOP #5 “Just Looking (Yeah Right)”


We had some other sightseeing planned but due to construction…everywhere and things being roped off for an upcoming event we had to change things up a bit.

We live close enough to the city that its no big deal to alter our plans and do something else.


  1. I enjoyed your pictures so much, felt like I was having the adventure with you! And I didn’t realize you live in Chicago. My parents and siblings lived there/northwest Indiana for about fifteen years, just recently moved away. I have lots of wonderful memories visiting them there! Actually, when my parents had just moved to Dyer, I stayed with them for a few months when my son was born, to give birth in the U.S., before returning to Peru. So he was born in Munster 🙂

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