Building Your Mate’s Self Esteem by Dennis & Barbara Rainey [REVIEW]


Self-esteem is either the crippler or the completer of the marriage relationship, says Dennis Rainey. From their personal and seminar experiences with thousands of couples, Dennis and Barbara Rainey have found that one of the most vital, yet most often missing, ingredients in a marriage today is the diligent effort on the part of each spouse to build the other’s self-esteem.


We have had this book on on shelves for many years. I think it first came into the house when my husband’s small group was reading it. I know we talked about some of the topics at the time but I had not read it until recently.

Maybe, it’s our stage of life or the amount of books I have read in this genre over the last year or so but I really didn’t glean much new information from it’s pages.

That being said, the lessons are a good place to start for a newly married or younger couple.

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