It’s That Time Again

Each month those of us in the One Word 2022 Community pause for a moment to reflect on what God is doing through our WOTY (Word of the Year). The reflection “questions” with my responses are listed below.

Challenge 1: DO YOU KNOW MY WORD?

Ask around, “Do you know what my word is?” Who remembers your word? Who doesn’t? Any surprises?

My original answer to this question came off as very snarky, so I deleted it. Instead, I will say, “no surprises”, and leave it at that.

Challenge 2: FIND A NEW FACT

Google your word or look it up on Wikipedia or in a Bible concordance or dictionary. Find out something unique about your word this month. See if you get a new insight.

I find it amusing that Google has 1.2 billion results whereas Wikipedia has zero.

I get it, sometimes you just don’t have it in you to even smile at the stanger you pass on the sidewalk (zero results). However, when you are in the desert it is not the time to shut others out. Instead, reach for Jesus and trust the Holy Spirit to guide your interactions with others. Who knows you may just may make someone’s day 1.2 billion times better.


Schedule a few minutes on your calendar to pray or meditate about the direction you’re going with your word. Are you happy with the first half of the year? Do you need to make any tweaks for the second half?

I can honestly say that every single month God is teaching me new ways to love on and offer encouragement to others. CLICK HERE for more on my progress.


Small Group Connection

I encourage you to CONNECT with your small group–even if it’s only, “Hi!”

Let your group know you haven’t forgotten them, even if you’ve been quiet for months. It’s okay to admit to them if you’ve totally abandoned your word. Or to share a word-fail you’ve had. Or tell about a thought or an ordinary experience you’ve had with your word.

It’s not what you say that counts, but that you say something.

I am actually in two small groups. I do try to post something in each group a couple of times per month just to let the others know that I am praying for them and their growth via their WOTY. It is my hope that my group members are encouraged by what I share with them.


  1. I think Wikipedia deals with nouns, while the other search engines take up the “action” verb of encouragement. Encouragement (person of Jesus) encourages us and encourages through us, so we see encouragement as a person, noun and verb. May the Lord continue to encourage your heart, Barb, and may He continue to encourage other through you – in person and in your writings.

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