Every “Christian Momma” Needs This

Hello, all you amazing mommas!

I just had to share the exciting news about a new app that launched this week from Christian Mommas.


Celebrate Christian Mommas App Launch With Us On Monday!

Hi friends, I want you to be one of the first ones to know that the Christian Mommas App is available in Google and Apple app stores!! woohoo! We will celebrate on Monday. Pray with us, and stay tuned for more details. With this app, we will stay connected daily and scale new heights together. […]

Celebrate Christian Mommas App Launch With Us On Monday!


From the “ABOUT” page:

Christian Mommas is a non-profit organization guiding women to advance God’s kingdom in mothering and marriage. Our mentorship program and psychospiritual resources promote spiritual and emotional intelligence and solve global issues such as maternal and child suicide, infanticide, child abuse, and mental illnesses.

We mentor women through our FREE group mentorship program. Mentees have access to 3 to 4 mentors who guide them to build their homes, operate in the gifts of the Spirit, and live conscious of God’s presence.

We provide transformational blog posts, Free devotionals on YouVersion (the Bible App), and other resources to support your spiritual growth and emotional well-being.


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