What Do You See? (#19)

Choose 4 things within 4 feet of you and write for 4 minutes. One sentence each.


My school bag is filled with things that are left undone because of covid exposure. πŸ’‰

The top of my desk is clean and neat for a change. πŸ—ƒ

The Funko-Pop characters are staring at me with their black eyes (except for Yoda). πŸ‘€

I’ve lost track of how many tabs I have open, but as long as I don’t experience a lag, I will keep opening more tabs


Are you ready to give it a try?

Tammy L. Breitweiser & The Collective are responsible for this idea.


  1. In front of me is an empty plate that held home made peach pancakes courtesy of my wife, and empty mug of Breakfast Blend Coffee and a very large jug of water.

    To my right and empty chair with a back pillow where my wife usually sits.

    To my right an empty kitchen with utensils, plates, mugs and pans waiting to be washed.

    Behind me my wife journals her thoughts of the past few days while our cat Nigel sleeps all spread out on the top of the back of the love seat.

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  2. My laptop that I’m typing on (only 2 tabs open!).
    TV in the background that is paused on a comedy show on Netflix
    My phone beside me updating to the newest Apple software update
    My water bottle (thank goodness for something non-techy) πŸ™‚

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